Frequently Asked Questions

No. We try to price our websites so any church can afford them. Unfortunately we can't offer that.

We actually don't setup domains or manage domain registrations. We expect everyone to bring their own domain. This is a good thing! It means that you actually own your domain and not us.

After you sign up we'll send you an invoice via email (it will come from Freshbooks) for your setup fee and first year or month. Annual customers can either pay online with a credit card or send us a check. (Make checks payable to Row & Table). Month-to-Month customers must use a credit card.

Short answer: yes. But these websites are custom and don't use this system. Contact us through our parent company Row & Table for inquiries about custom work.

Simple Church Tools is a sister product to Simple Church Websites. It is an online suite of tools for churches. A subscription to Simple Church Websites includes a free subscription to Simple Church Tools.

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