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Simply put, we make simple church websites to help pastors avoid the hassle of extended communication or the wasted time it takes to maintain a church website. With over the 20+ years of designing for churches, we have learned the best way for a church to have a professional online presence is to have a simple church website. We’ve created a completely new way to do church websites that solves common frustrations.

The all too common problem with church websites

Imagine a common scenario with me. You find someone to make a church website, paid or free. With great enthusiasm, you begin communication and start to find designs you like. You start sending content over. Your church website is 75% complete.

Then…You get busy. Your designer lost interest in your project. You can’t find emails that were sent. On and on you go. Finally, after months of waiting, your church site is up, but it’s not what you expected, nor do you want to maintain it. So, you ask for a volunteer.

With honest and good intentions, a faithful member of your local church comes forward to help. Now, that individual needs to learn how to maintain your church website, but it’s more that anticipated.
You end up with a semi-complete website with multiple “Coming Soon” pages or a site you wish was better.

We don’t want you to be the dissapointed pastor.

All you need to worry about is getting us your church information. We’ll handle the rest.
Check out our templates and schedule a demo.

Sample Church Websites



It will cost your church a $750 to setup. This rate includes the first year of hosting and domain management. Because we developed our church CMS from scratch, we can charge an afforadable rate of $50/year to host your site after the first year.

After we setup your church website, we’ll walk you through your site backend and teach you how you can maintain your church website...without being an expert.

We do offer a sermon tool at:, which does cost $10/mo. Our sermon tool is easily integrated into your church website.
You can host unlimited amounts of audio sermons for only $10/mo.


Schedule a demo

We will first contact you by email to schedule a video call to show you our system and how it works. If our system is a good fit, we take a payment, then send you to a form to fill out all your church information. When your site is ready, we’ll launch.